Minority Scholarships in India Which give more Stipend

Each key stage of education in India comes with its own expenses. As one advances to the higher level the funds increase and thus bring about high numbers of drop out. This affects the poor and minority citizens in the country. They don’t have enough knowledge of scholarships and what they can do in life.

The cycle continues and the poor remain to be in the same class. This is due to lack of school fee whereby you find the students were clever and smart in school but can proceed to the next level. This has effect of the country in term of workmanship. You find unqualified people in big industry but they never performed well in school. They made it since they had funds to push them to certain levels.

Nonetheless minority and the poor still have some hope left. There are scheme which offer scholarships and help them attain degrees and master education. With this their future will brighten and the country will also improve. Below we have several scholarships with the amount indicated and also the purpose of the scholarship.

CSRI post-Doctoral fellowship
As the name suggest the scholarship sides more on scientific and frontier areas of cognitive science. The fellowship was establish and goes for 2 years. The courses are to be taken in research institution and universities. Non-profitable organization also are helping to ensure student benefit.

They offer RS 55,000 per month and giving a research exigency fund of RS 2, 00,000 yearly.

Post –matric scholarship scheme for minority students
The scholarship is met for student taking studies in Indian country. Highly focusing on students taking technical and vocational courses. This has been set to happen in industrial training institutes and also training centers which have levels XI and XII approved by the National council for vocation training.

They students get to part with RS 7000 to RS 12000 every year. The scholarship scheme doesn’t discriminate any student by religion. The student family should have an income of RS 2 lakh and should b from the minority or poor family. This will enable the gain skill and extra knowledge.

Post-matric scholarship for SC, ST, OBC students
The scheme picks on a wide range of activities and studies. It allows professional and non-professional, technical and non-technical studies. It is very flexible as you can take distance or full time courses. SC, ST and OBC students will benefit more, each month the course will be paid for RS 5000.

HDFC educational crisis scholarship support
The scheme is meant for all children who are facing difficult situations in life. The scheme helps financially to ensure the child doesn’t lose education wise. Generally the scheme is all round, it offers RS 10000- RS 25,000 per annum.

Indira Gandhi scholarship for single girl child
This a scheme which highly focuses on the girl child’s education plans. Her survival tactics in the society and ensure she get the proper education. They give an amount of RS 2,000 for a period of two years only. The girl has to be the only girl or twin child in the family.

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